AutoSig® SMART Fuel Filter System
MARINE Fuel Filter – Water Separator – Integral Water Probe.

AutoSig Marine

For Recreational & Commercial Marine

  • NEW! AutoSig® N2K
    - NMEA 2000 Network – Plug and play.
    - Water-in-fuel alerts sent to your MFD.
    - Compatible with all multi-function displays.
    - ABYC H-24 Fire Test Certified.
    - Electronics in steel head – No extras required.
    - Save space – No special cabinet needed.
    - Gasoline or diesel fuel systems.
  • Fuel Filter/Water Separator
  • WIF Sensor System
  • Patented 2016
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Available in these configurations and Filter sizes 4", 6" and 8"

autosig NMEA
For NMEA 2000 systems
autosig AS-SS-G1
with Gauge Kit
autosig AS-SS-L3
with Indicator Lamp

The AutoSig® SMART Filter System is an integrated system for the Recreational / Marine industry, combining a marine fuel filter, marine fuel water separator and real time water in fuel sensor. It provides the advantage of water in fuel sensor while maintaining the simplicity and reliability of a spin on fuel filter.
AutoSig® filters the fuel, removes water and senses water in the fuel separator (diesel or gasoline) before the water can enter the engine. Water in the engine fuel system can cause engine damage, hard starting, loss of power, misfiring, or stalling. The AutoSig® SMART fuel filter system is designed to let you know when it needs to be serviced.


  •  Real time water level sensing in the bottom of a fuel filter water separator
  •  Easily serviced metal spin on fuel filter
  •  Patented technology allows water level sensing for gasoline and diesel fuel engines
  •  Corrosion resistant construction – 316 stainless steel filter head
  •  Designed to UL 1105, ABYC and Coast Guard fuel system requirements
  •  No plastic bowl
  •  Wireless capability
  •  See product page for specs and more info.
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The Entratech AutoSig® System utilizes a patented design that places the water probe INSIDE the filter housing. AutoSig® is engineered for the Recreational Marine Industry with a disposable spin on filter/water separator for boats, that can be easily replaced while the sensor electronics stay mounted in the filter head. Entratech AutoSig® SMART Fuel Filters can communicate directly with ECM's and other instrument panel indicators. Communication standards in development include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NMEA 2000.
See product page or spec page for details and material specifications.

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We partner with your engineers to design and build dependable sensor solutions. Our engineered smart sensor assemblies and wiring harnesses are assembled in the USA.

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