Years of WIF Problems SOLVED!


Signal Filters has solved the problems with external WIF sensors & wire harnessess with a Patented Internal Sensor Probe.

Multiple indicator options.
ABYC marine certified.
Early warning prevents fuel system damage and EPA non compliance.

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After decades of supplying WIF sensors required to monitor water-in-fuel conditions to OEM customers we are changing the way this process is done with our new Signal Filter water separating filter system. Signal Filters Smart Fuel Filters are available in three standard models. (NMEA 200 for Marine, and 2 Analog versions for all makes of diesel and gasoline engine platforms). Keep your end users happy and EPA compliant with fewer warranty issues and ability to service before engine damage can occur.

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Signal Filters

depth of experience, innovative thinking, and manufacturing skills has allowed us to design and build dependable sensors for on-highway, off-highway, stationary and marine applications. The majority of our sensor and controller assemblies are custom designed for our customer's needs. OEM manufacturers have relied on the consistent quality of our sensor technology for over 40 years. We partner with customers' engineers to help design and build dependable sensor solutions including water-in-fuel sensors and low coolant sensors. Signal Filter sensors are made and assembled in Sandusky Ohio about 1 hour west of Cleveland Ohio.
SFH-N2K-SS SFF-010-06 SFH-SS-G1 Harness 2 SFH-SS-L3 Harness 1 SFH-SS-G2 SFF-010-04 SFH-N2K-SS SFF-010-06 SFH-SS-G1 Harness 2 SFH-SS-L3 Harness 1 SFH-SS-G2 SFF-010-04

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